Sunday, 15 August 2010

5 Easy Steps To Make Your Lashes Hold Using False Eyelash Glue

False Eyelash Glue

Putting on a pair of false eyelashes might seem intimidating to some, but if done the right way, they can make your eyes look bigger and beautiful within minutes. Here are just 5 quick steps to bigger, bold and beautiful eyes and longer gazes.

Step 1

First, choose the right lashes that match your original lash colour. Putting on the false lash without doing some trimming will make it too fake and obvious, so here, do yourself a favour by trimming the lashes to your desired length and width to match the size of your eyes. You can do this by measuring it on your eyes and slowly cutting it bit by bit with a sharp pair of trimming scissors. When trimming ensure the length between your real eyelashes and the false one is not too widely varied. This is to give you a more natural look, so no one knows you are wearing a false eyelash. Another trick is to trim the false eyelash longer at the sides and shorter at the centre, trim the lashes individually, because all our real eye lashes are not of the absolute same length.

Step 2

Get out your false eyelash glue or eyelash adhesive Don’t apply it directly onto the false eyelashes, as this will add too much glue on your eyes later. Instead, squeeze some of the glue onto the back of your hands. Be sure not to squeeze too much. Rub the back of the false eyelash on the glue on your hand, be careful not to cover the lashes that would stick together if so. Blow softly on the eyelash from edge to edge so that the glue dries a little and is ready for maximum stickiness on your eyelids.

Step 3

At this point, use a pair of tweezers to pick up the eyelashes, so that your fingers won’t get smudged with the glue and mess up the nicely trimmed lashes. Bring the false eyelashes as close to your original eyelashes as possible and slowly lay it on your eyelids right above the real eyelashes. Once it is placed properly and you are satisfied with the positioning of the false eyelashes, use your fingers to press the eyelashes down, and slowly move your fingers to press and hold on both sides of the eyelashes. Here, you will have to hold for up to 30 seconds. This is an essential step to ensure the glue will dry and allow the eyelashes to stick to your skin and not be lifted up when you remove your fingers. Removing your fingers too quickly may cause one corner of the false eyelash to be lifted up.

Step 4

Get an eyelash curler and curl both the false and real eyelash together. This will help to bond both the eyelashes together and make it not look separated. After this step, get your mascara and apply it with upwards brush, by pressing your fingers behind the false eyelashes. The mascara will also bond your eyelashes and the false eyelashes together.

Step 5

Use a liquid or pencil eyeliner to line your eyelids where there might be gaps between the false and real eyelashes. That’s it, nobody will know you are wearing false eyelashes!

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